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 Lag and Frequent disconnection Issue

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Lag and Frequent disconnection Issue Empty
PostSubject: Lag and Frequent disconnection Issue   Lag and Frequent disconnection Issue I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2008 11:36 pm

lag and frequent disconnection is
not mainly caused by the server. The following are some of the reasons
why you lag in game.

1. Poor bandwidth
-Online games need at least 256kbps (per pc on comp shops and standalone pc) minimum bandwidth to play. You can check your bandwidth by going to these sites:
http://speedtest.net (click the Yellow PYRAMID on the Map) or http://2wire.com/ (click SPEED METER)- international users
http://www.pldtdsl.com/speedtest.asp - for smart bro and pldt users
http://utilities.globequest.com.ph/ and click on bandwidth meter - for globe users
http://speed.skyinet.net/ - for bayantel users

2. PC Specs (minimum)
- video card - at least 128 mb with directx 8 or 9
- hard disk - free disk space of 500mb for disk caching
- memory - at least 512 mb
- processor - P4 1.5Ghz or equivalent (AMD Athlon)

Processor - P4 2.0 or higher
Memory - 1G or higher
Video Card - 256Mb
Hard Disk - 1G free disk space

3. Running Applications
- Antivirus.
Anti-virus eats memory and sometimes download updates from the internet that clogged your network especially on computer shops. This will eat up some bandwidth and memory that will slow down or affect your playing performance. Disable any running antivirus when you are playing online games.
- Spywares.
Your pc is affected by spywares. Spywares sends runs on background and can eat up a lot of memory and likewise sends information from your pc to the internet in the background not knowing that it uses your internet connection to transmit information to its destination
- Streaming media.
Watching you tube or online video, listening to online music, downloading large files, game multi-client, and other high bandwidth eating activities eats a lot of your bandwidth and will cause slow down on online games. Avoid these and you will get high bandwidth for playing games.
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Lag and Frequent disconnection Issue
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